Available in 250g, 320g, 2kg and 5kg

Available in 2kg tubs for Foodservice

Elegre selects only the highest quality European olives that are then carefully marinated in Australia. We meticulously use our secret recipe of herbs and spices. Each individual olive is Hand filled with one of a large selection of fillings – insuring flavour and quality.

Olives in Brine

  • Sicilian Green Olives
  • Black Mammoth Olives- Whole
  • Queen Green  Olives – Whole (Super Mammoth)
  • Queen Green Olives – Pitted (Super Mammoth)
  • Kalamata Olives  Jumbo – Whole
  • Kalamata  Olives- Pitted
  • Ligurian Olives – Whole Olives Marinated

Filled Olives

  • Filled with Sundried Tomatoes
  • Filled with Blue Vein Cheese
  • Filled with Pesto
  • Filled with Fetta
  • Filled with Almonds
  • Filled with Anchovies
  • Filled with Roasted Garlic
  • Filled with Chilli
  • Filled with Capsicum
  • Filled with Lemon

Olives Marinated

  • Sicilian – Whole (Lemon and Garlic)
  • Sicilian – Whole (Lemon and pepper)
  • Kalamata Jumbo – Whole
  • Kalamata – Pitted
  • Kalamata Jumbo in fennel Seed & balsamic
  • Kalamata Pitted in fennel Seed & balsamic
  • Black Mammoth – Whole
  • Queen Green – Whole (Super Mammoth)
  • Queen Green – Pitted (Super Mammoth)
  • Green & Black annual credit reports money cannot exist without debt, and hence releasing the debt makes it something else. -Whole (Lemon & Pepper)
  • Green & Black -Whole (Lemon & Garlic)
  • Green & Black – Whole
  • Split Queen Green (Super Mammoth)
  • Panino Mix – Pitted Sicilian, Pitted Ligurian, Pitted Kalamata, Capsicum Filled Green Olive
  • Eco Mix – Sicilian, Ligurian, Queen Green, Black Mammoth
  • Mixed Italian – Miccio mixed, Sicilian, Ligurian, split Green
  • Deli Mix – Sicilian, Queen Green, Black Mammoth, Ligurian, Capsicum  Filled Olives
  • Ligurian – Whole