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Cooking Wine

Available in 250g, 320g, 2kg and 5kg

Available in 2kg tubs for Foodservice

Elegre Cooking Wine and Fortified Wines

Our wines are available in 15 litre casks of:

  • Red
  • White
  • Tawny Fort (Port)
  • Marsala
  • Apera (available as sweet or dry Sherry).

They are GST free and Wet Tax free, making them available to you through your Foodservice Distributor without requiring a liquor licence, therefore making Elegre Cooking Wine very cost effective compared to using normal wine.

Elegre Cooking Wine is classed as a condiment as it is not a drinking wine. It’s sole purpose is for cooking and marinating. Our cooking wine is produced and manufactured locally with the highest quality Australian grapes.

As per GST Food Guide:

  • Wine
  • Alcoholic = Taxable
  • Cooking (containing salt and marketed as cooking wine) = GST FREE
  • Non-alcoholic, carbonated = Taxable

Wine makers comments

Elegre use a process which preserves the delicate primary fruit and extracts only soft tannins for our cooking wines. Grapes are fully de-stemmed and gently crushed with some whole berries. Our mature vines are carefully maintained in the vineyard to ensure low yields of small berried fruit with intense flavours and tannins. All fruit is picked at night to preserve flavour.